Platinum Branding Session for motivational speaker, Tra Williams

Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur, Tra Williams recently came to us looking to amp up his marketing material & website with some top quality images. Our Platinum Branding session was the perfect fit for what he needed.

We started Tra’s session with some standard studio headshots & business portraits for Tra to use not only as professional profile photos, but any future press releases or publications that may come Tra’s way.

Next we spent a large portion of the day around the city of Sarasota, FL capturing some fun lifestyle photos of Tra. These types of shots are perfect for coming across relatable and approachable to your audience.

Lastly, we wrapped up the day in a corporate setting to capture some images of Tra doing what he does best, speaking to young entrepreneurs. These shots are great for replacing generic stock imagery on your marketing material & website to help you stand out.

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5 Tips To Help You Prepare & Get The Most Out Of Your Headshot Session

When it comes to your professional headshot session the majority of your results rely on the photographer; but there are a few things you can do to prepare & get the most out of your headshot session. Here are 5 tips for you to consider when preparing for your headshots:

  1. Avoid spending too much time in the sun (at least 3 days before your session)- to help reduce redness that occurs from spending too much time in the sun we suggest avoiding sun exposure for extended periods of time & if you must be in the sun prior to your session USE SUNSCREEN!

  2. Iron your wardrobe- there is only one way to eliminate wrinkled clothing in photos & that is ironing. Coming with your wardrobe options ironed (or pressed) & hanging on hangers will help to ensure wrinkles in your clothing are limited & you look the most put-together.

  3. Use a lint roller- You may not notice every hair, flake, or fuzzball, but our cameras sure will. Using a lint roller on your jacket or dark colored top will help to make turnaround time faster. Don’t have one with you? no worries, we always have some available to use here in our studio.

  4. Hire professional Hair & Makeup services- Ladies, there is nothing more frustrating than getting your photos back & realizing you hate the way your hair &/or makeup looked on camera. Hiring a professional hair & makeup artist to doll you up before your session can help you avoid this frustration. Not sure where to go or who to ask?, we have a few stylists available for an additional fee with advance notice. Simply inquire at your time of booking.

  5. Loosen up & Relax- OK, we know these are for professional use, but please trust us when we say “just loosen up & relax”. Your headshots will come out 10x better when you are yourself. You can tell a fake smile from a mile away, real smiles always look best. Think of something that makes you smile or laugh when the camera points your way & let your face brighten up. Real smiles help to say “I’m professional, yet approachable.”


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Millie's becoming a star...

A few weeks ago we were approached by an Orlando mom who’s 8 year old daughter has BIG ambitions. Little Millie wants to become an actress! Millie has been given the opportunity to audition in Las Vegas but before she can do that she needs professional headshots & acting portraits.

Our branding sessions work for all kinds of professionals, and actors are no exception. Our Gold package was the perfect fit for what Millie needed to get her foot in the door.

Millie’s day started with professional hairstyling & yes, even makeup…


Once Millie was looking “camera ready” we started with some studio headshots & portraits. Millie was a natural in front of the camera.


With Millie’s studio shots done, we then went outdoors to get her some Cinematic headshots to fit in with the pros and some outdoor portraits to show off that shining personality.

Good luck in Las Vegas Millie! You’re already a star in our eyes!

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Branding Package for Realtor Mickey

Being a realtor in southwest Florida you are faced with a lot of competition; after all, there are almost 250,000 real estate agents in the state of Florida as of 2018 & the number is growing rapidly every day.

Punta Gorda realtor, Mickey came to us wanting to get some truly impressive images to use for his marketing to help himself stand out in the crowd. Mickey wanted to come across as professional but also relatable & approachable.

We spent the first part of the day in the studio getting Mickey some solid standard headshots & business portraits that he could use for his marketing publications & website.

Once we got Mickey some great standard marketing photos, we took him out to some local neighborhoods to get him some lifestyle headshots & portraits that he could use to share on social media & engage his following with.

Mickey’s new images from his branding session will be a fantastic addition to his marketing material and we are confident that they will help him get noticed.

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How to Download Fully Edited Photos

Some methods of downloading photos such as using your phone, taking a screen shot, or right clicking and saving can cause issues with quality and color. To try and attempt to combat this issue we’ve made a little video.

Dr. Davis Goes Platinum...

...for a branding package that is! Recently Manatee area cardiologist & wellness coach, Dr. Christopher Davis of Manatee Cardiovascular Wellness Institute & Reveal Vitality contacted us to get his marketing images looking the best they could be. We spent the day with him making sure every image was something he would be excited to use in his marketing. 

We started out the day at Dr. Davis's office getting him some solid headshots & business portraits.

We then followed Dr. Davis to Fit Crew gym where he works out every day to get some images of him that reflected his physical healthy lifestyle. 

Lastly, we went on location to a beautiful kitchen environment where we could get some images of Dr. Davis incorporating the nutrition side of a healthy lifestyle. 

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Platinum Branding Package for Wellness Coach, Roxanne!

At SRQ Headshots we do more than just your standard headshots, we also provide Branding Sessions that get the client a mix of both cinematic headshots, business portraits, & even career profiling images that follow what you do on a day to day basis in your line of work. 

Roxanne, owner of My Wellness Mission in Sarasota, contacted us for just that! She chose our highest package, the Platinum package, for her branding session & we were able to get her 25 great images to use across the board for all her marketing needs. 

We started the day in the studio focusing on standard headshots & business portraits, as well as some images of her interacting with clients. 

Once we accomplished some great standard marketing shots, we hit the outdoors & captured Roxanne's cinematic headshot & some lifestyle portraits, as well as more images of her interacting with clients to complete the package. 

Roxanne's session is the perfect example of a truly great set of custom tailored images that can take her business to the next level by showing off what it is she does, her personality, & of course a level of professionalism you just can't achieve with cell phone photos and generic stock imagery. 

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Updating headshots for NYC based actor, Rick Lohman

Recently we were approached by NYC based actor, Rick Lohman to get him some headshots to re-enter the acting world with. Rick was very busy in the 1980's acting in such TV series as "Love Sidney", "Archie Bunker's Place",  "Phyl & Mikhy" & much more. He took a break from acting for some time & now is looking to break back into the scene- but first he needs some great headshots to show his up-to-date look! Take a look at what we were able to capture for Rick.

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Realtor Headshots for Jessica

One of the most common occupations we have come in to SRQ Headshots are people in the real estate industry. With buildings, homes, & mansions going up everywhere you look around this part of Florida, it's really no surprise. People tell us time & time again how by getting their headshots done with us they have really seen a boost in sales. Having a top quality headshot to represent you & show how approachable yet professional you are really makes a world of difference. 

The other day young local realtor, Jessica came to us to help her get some great headshots that would demand attention & look great for her marketing. Jessica wanted our signature cinematic style headshots so we headed to a local park. Here are a couple of the images we were able to capture in less than an hour! 


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Headshots for AdRizer

We recently did the first round of staff headshots for Sarasota based company AdRizer. When we first arrived at their new location located inside the BOTA building in the rosemary district we were amazed at how cool their space was!


Every where you look there are little touches of awesome. We got to work finding the perfect spots inside their office for some beautiful headshots. 


...& Here is what we were able to capture for the AdRizer staff using their office as the backdrop for their professional headshots.