5 Tips To Help You Prepare & Get The Most Out Of Your Headshot Session

When it comes to your professional headshot session the majority of your results rely on the photographer; but there are a few things you can do to prepare & get the most out of your headshot session. Here are 5 tips for you to consider when preparing for your headshots:

  1. Avoid spending too much time in the sun (at least 3 days before your session)- to help reduce redness that occurs from spending too much time in the sun we suggest avoiding sun exposure for extended periods of time & if you must be in the sun prior to your session USE SUNSCREEN!

  2. Iron your wardrobe- there is only one way to eliminate wrinkled clothing in photos & that is ironing. Coming with your wardrobe options ironed (or pressed) & hanging on hangers will help to ensure wrinkles in your clothing are limited & you look the most put-together.

  3. Use a lint roller- You may not notice every hair, flake, or fuzzball, but our cameras sure will. Using a lint roller on your jacket or dark colored top will help to make turnaround time faster. Don’t have one with you? no worries, we always have some available to use here in our studio.

  4. Hire professional Hair & Makeup services- Ladies, there is nothing more frustrating than getting your photos back & realizing you hate the way your hair &/or makeup looked on camera. Hiring a professional hair & makeup artist to doll you up before your session can help you avoid this frustration. Not sure where to go or who to ask?, we have a few stylists available for an additional fee with advance notice. Simply inquire at your time of booking.

  5. Loosen up & Relax- OK, we know these are for professional use, but please trust us when we say “just loosen up & relax”. Your headshots will come out 10x better when you are yourself. You can tell a fake smile from a mile away, real smiles always look best. Think of something that makes you smile or laugh when the camera points your way & let your face brighten up. Real smiles help to say “I’m professional, yet approachable.”


Ready to book your new headshots?

Platinum Branding Package for Wellness Coach, Roxanne!

At SRQ Headshots we do more than just your standard headshots, we also provide Branding Sessions that get the client a mix of both cinematic headshots, business portraits, & even career profiling images that follow what you do on a day to day basis in your line of work. 

Roxanne, owner of My Wellness Mission in Sarasota, contacted us for just that! She chose our highest package, the Platinum package, for her branding session & we were able to get her 25 great images to use across the board for all her marketing needs. 

We started the day in the studio focusing on standard headshots & business portraits, as well as some images of her interacting with clients. 

Once we accomplished some great standard marketing shots, we hit the outdoors & captured Roxanne's cinematic headshot & some lifestyle portraits, as well as more images of her interacting with clients to complete the package. 

Roxanne's session is the perfect example of a truly great set of custom tailored images that can take her business to the next level by showing off what it is she does, her personality, & of course a level of professionalism you just can't achieve with cell phone photos and generic stock imagery. 

Want to stand out in your industry? 

Headshots for AdRizer

We recently did the first round of staff headshots for Sarasota based company AdRizer. When we first arrived at their new location located inside the BOTA building in the rosemary district we were amazed at how cool their space was!


Every where you look there are little touches of awesome. We got to work finding the perfect spots inside their office for some beautiful headshots. 


...& Here is what we were able to capture for the AdRizer staff using their office as the backdrop for their professional headshots.