How often actors should update their headshot

For all professionals in general and actors in particular, headshots are a great way to reach out to their audience. While you might have a great headshot as your profile picture there must be a plan to frequently update your headshots every once in a while. 

For actors, the need to change their headshot might arise much earlier than other professionals. Keeping this in mind we have compiled a list of moments that can influence an actor to update their headshot, as the old one might not be doing the trick for them. 

“You’ve got to go through every year and reassess how you’re being displayed online and [make sure] it is actually a valid and helpful and good representation of you.” - Benton Whitley, Broadway Casting Director

  • After Change of Facial Hair 

In case you have decided to try a new look by growing a beard or a mustache you must change your headshot image. It will be highly non-professional for an actor to have a different headshot picture in comparison to their actual appearance.

  • After a hairstyle fashion change

You don’t want to appear in the style that was in pop culture, six months ago. For an actor/actress staying current with the latest fashion is extremely important. As such, whenever there is a fashion change that has been adopted by the actors themselves the headshot must be upgraded to incorporate the change. Fans are always waiting to see the latest images of their favorite actors and you will not want to disappoint them by having a 6-month-old portrait as your headshot image.  

  • To Make an Impression on the Director

Actors should also change their headshot with unique looks. This will give out a message to the directors that the actor is versatile and can act in multiple roles. Also, fans always love to see their favorite celebrities in different looks. 

  • Once Every Six Months

And no matter if there is a style change or not, an actor must change their headshot at least once in six months. Why? Because if you stay for more than six months with the same headshot it will make your profile appear dull and the agents might also find it difficult to take interest in such a static actor.   

Subsequently, it is very important for actors to stay active on their professional profiles and keep it up to date with their looks, current fashion and their fan’s demands. In case you are looking for professional headshot services you can find great solutions on